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Are we asking too much from the govt???

We have been quite for the last 42years on the issue of corruption but no more silence this time..we are .....

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: Apr 2011
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Are we asking too much from the govt???

We have been quite for the last 42years on the issue of corruption but no more silence this time..we are awake now, we have seen thousands of crores of public money going into the pockets of corrupted politicians or lying in swiss banks.. each and every penny of that black money belong to the masses of this nation. Those who are involved in the crime are moving freely , the govt cant take any serious actions against them because there is no law in the legislature which could impose punishment on the culprits..
Anna hazare ,73 yr old man who is fasting unto death fr the past 4days is asking the govt to enact a JAN LOKPAL BILL which will empower the civilians to put the culprits behind the bars.. but govt is reluctant to pass the bill,they say a handful people cannot dictate how the system should work.
Hundreds of people across the globe are surving on water for the past 4 days, thousands of people are gathering at jantar mantar, india gate and other parts of the country to support the movement, lakhs of people have joined the movement online and still govt feels we are just handful people..i ask the govt why cant they see our plight, why are they acting deaf and dumb , why are they looking for a narrow escape this time as well..
Some politicians are trying to hijack the entire movement, some are insulting Anna’s wisdom by calling him “sang ka neta”…they think they can stop this movement by uttering some bloody crap..what they think we common masses are FOOLS???
We all are smart enough to distinguish between a saint and a demon..because of our silence the politicians have generalized the public as good for nothing idiots,they want us to listen to their hypocractic bullshit, trust them n give them our vote.. are we just puppets in their hands..we r not supposed to wait for indefinite period of time to let govt show us the results… wat we are demanding now is our right and we all will take it from the govt at evry cost. If we can choose our govt then we can also pull their collars and ask them for their accountability.
I humbly request each n every1 who come across this piece of writing to show their support fr the movement as much as they can.. Anna hazare is fighting for you, for me n for all of us. Merely watching news on tv wont make the movement strong.. show your support, be at the venue, spread awareness about the movement, participate online…
All we are asking frm the govt is fairness,justice and transparency in the it too much to ask for???


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