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Suggestion for Indian Govt. Election Department

Revolution Needed in the Govt. Election Criteria There should be a great revolution in the present election system to help .....

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: May 2011
: New Delhi
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Suggestion for Indian Govt. Election Department

Revolution Needed in the Govt. Election Criteria

There should be a great revolution in the present election system to help in deleting the corruption in our country.

Any person who is nominated as election candidate in India should not have any past or present criminal records or link to any criminal gang or ongoing Judiciary case. The person who gets the nomination for election candidature should be well educated and there should be an pre-election written and penal test by a designted board on their political knowledge. There should be a political training of minimum three months post election course for all the elected candidates before handovering any position as the Elected Member Legislature Assembly or Parliament.

Thank you
Ajoy Chakraborty
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: Jun 2011
: Silvassa
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I agree. Also people should be allowed to vote against a candidate if they want. And there should be a criteria. If more than 17 or so percent of total votes are against a candidate, he will not be allowed to participate in next three consecutive elections.
I believe this system would empower people, and pressurize every elected member to develop their constituency for the fear of being casted out of next elections.
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: Jun 2011
: Pune
: 39
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Denying permission to Anna for peaceful agitation on Jantar Mantar
By doing this congress Government at Center as well as in Delhi has proved that apart from being highly corrupt, they lack temperament also.
And Kapil Sibbal is leading them.
Frankly speaking, I would like my representative in parliament to have a good temperament and he should listen to all allegations against him and should be ready to introspect and improve himself in case of any lacking side.
But none of the congress leaders has shown this ability.

Also you can't deny peaceful agitation. It's right vested to every Indian by our constitution.
I have listened Kejriwal(Anna's team ) views on Media.And he was perfectly right with his views and was giving example of Mr. Kapil Sibbal egoistic attitude. Such minister has aged and should immdtly retire if they have lost their tendency to maintain temperament. He was almost in don' care attitude on such a important topic of corruption and Lokpal. Mr. Gandhi, your future seems to be very deem. , if you maintain such ministers in ur team.If you would have been competent enough then it wud have been OKay, however ur recent immaturity activities are not promising for you.

Apart from that their spokesperson DigVijay totally worthless for them. He is very dismissive and comes down to personal war fare like saying leading opposition as 'Nachaniya Party' and all that. All these shows that many minister in Indian government is lacking bearing ability. They have became arrogant. Every body has right to dance and dancing on tune of patriotic song is respectable.
Apart from that Diggy was also giving statement about Anna and comparing him as Gandhi. No member of civil society as well as Anna has claimed that they are Gandhi They are just asking for a genuine demand in genuine way. Still this government highly arrogant, bad,pathetic and unacceptable attitude is only raising negativity in the atmosphere. They should refrain from that and come out for healthy discussion. However, before that they should remove every body of Digvijay Singh type.At least they should try to learn from one of their minister yaar who is Jayram Ramesh, who knows how to carry out his work efficiently and peacefully.

I am in Pune and can't come to Delhi for attending fast. However my full support to Anna for his peaceful agitation in support of Lokpal Bill. Go Anna go , we are with you.


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