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A case against nac A case against National Advisory Council (NAC) Yahoo India has displayed the following opinion without usual provision for comment. .....

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Cool A case against nac
A case against National Advisory Council (NAC)

Yahoo India has displayed the following opinion without usual provision for comment.
The Case Against The Bhushans”By
Ashok Malik | Opinions – Tue, Apr 26, 2011 10:35 AM IST
Ashok Malik has represented facts and his analysis thereof aptly.
I have a case against National Advisory Council (NAC).

When Shanti Bhushan declared his assets, the plot of land in question was mentioned in that list. Did he put a footnote along with it suggesting the contesting nature of that plot? If he did not, he has wasted his years in politics. In first place, he should not have declared the assets. Nobody forced or demanded for that. It was not anticipated & solicited either from Anna Sahib ,Shanti Bhushan , Prashant Bhushan and other so called ‘civil society’ or private members of the joint committee .Congress and congress persons have not forgiven Shanti Bhushan till to date for his role in the plight of the first family and the party wedded religiously to it. I say, they have avenged very discretely, but, not completely. What should /could be done to pre-empt such attempts? The easiest way to deflate all such attempts is for Bhushans to resign from the committee and fight out their case on merit without blaming or linking the issue with Jan Lok Pal Bill. They can / should help from outside. Justice J. S.Verma, ex-CJI should take their place. Till to date nothing has come or published against him.

Aruna Roy and Harsh Mander as members of the National Advisory Council have enjoyed power, perks and status due their locus standi gifted by UPA 2 & Sonia Gandhi.Mr. Ashok Malik has a point when he says that corporate interests, politicians, officers and members of ‘other civil society’ have joined forces against Anna Hazare’s INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION. Present & past members of parliament and legislative assemblies and media have terminal interests to see that the movement is aborted .As far as Gujarat is concerned; it is a well-known secret that there are ONLY THREE NON CORRUPT MLAs in the present assembly! It can not be said so about the Chief Minister , his council of ministers and loyal opposition i.e. Congress Legislative Party. BJP has been in this role in the past.

i tell from my experience that Aruna Roy, Harsh Mander and other members of NAC are mere paper tigers. Dr.Man Mohan Singh, the Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi as Chairperson of NAC and the members of NAC including Aruna Roy & Harsh Mander have not taken any action against me petition against Mukeah Ambani, RIL & RGTIL. They just CAN NOT afford it.

In Gujarat Zinabhai Darji was a maverick politician having terrible nuisance value like Amar Singh of today. He always conducted himself as a king maker .He could not bear a situation where all his stooges enjoyed power, perks and “lal batti wali gaadi” and he was bereft of all that. There was a solution. The 20 Point Implementation Committee was formed by passing a resolution in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly giving a cabinet rank to Chairman of that Committee, Zinabhai Darji and his typical rhetoric barking stopped immediately. A parallel super power cabinet, parallel, constitutional centre of power was created. Today’s National Advisory Council is a bad replica of Gujarat’s 20 Point Implementation Committee .Sonia Gandhi and her barking tribe is thus given locus standi without any accountability!

What is NAC? Is it a Govt. within the Govt.of India? Is it a Govt. parallel to Govt.of India? Is it a Govt. above the Govt. of India?

Those who cry foul about Jan Lok Pal Bill Joint Drafting Committee should come straight with answers to these three cardinal questions .If NAC is democratic, the committee with Anna Hazare is also equally democratic. What powers & perks Anna Sahib’s committee enjoys is a debatable question that should only be left to Amar Singh & Digvijay Singh.

If Aruna Roy, Harsh Mander and other NAC members have any conscience left, they should first quit NAC and then join Anna Sahib’s Committee. What is their real position without NAC? They should display courage by taking belated action on my petition against Mukesh Ambani, RIL & RGTIL. Will NAC do so? Let us wait & see…..


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