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All about FORM 17A used during the elections

All about FORM 17A used during the elections Controversy regarding use of Form 17 A during the eelction process is .....

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Post All about FORM 17A used during the elections

All about FORM 17A used during the elections
Controversy regarding use of Form 17 A during the eelction process is as old as the voting statrted this time.There is lot of confusion every where as I see from the newspapers.I tried my hands on the sisue and used FORM 17A in allahabad but my experience was horrified.I share the below with all members of RTI INdia for wide publicity to this isssue of public import

This is to clearly the issue that there is something called Form 17A,as such, which is to be delivered to the voter who wants to REFUSE VOTE.

On 13th May 2009 when I went to our Polling Booth in Sector 27 at about 10 AM and after completing the initial formalities wanted to use and asked for Form 17A,The Presiding Officer showed his ignorance and shuffled all sorts of forms and papers supplied to him by election Commission but he could not supply the one. After some he wanted to contact the seniors but he did not have any communication facility as such he used my Mobile no. to call a Supervisor , the Supervisor came but could not provide me the Form 17A.Ultimately Presiding Officer took my Mobile No. on the back side of poling slip and assured me to call as soon as the Form 17A was available to him. But he never called. Meantime on a query sent on 12th May Returning Officer Chandigarh UT responded vide his letter No.643 dated 13.5.2009,delivered by hand on in afternoon, clarified that If an elector, after his electoral roll number has been duly entered in the register of voters in form 17-A and has put his signatures or thumb impression thereon as required under sub section (1) of 49-L,decides not to record his vote, remark to this effect shall be made against the said entry in Form 17-A by the Presiding Officer and the signature or thumb impression of the elector shall be obtained against such remark

After receiving the clarification I talked the Election Officer on Phone No.2700322/ 2700109 ( very clear & helpful) and went back to polling booth at about 3.30 PM and completed formality as discussed above. So I went to vote at 10 AM and completed formality at about 3.30 PM.

AS SUCH THERE IS NO FORM 17 A which can be handed over to a elector for his use in refusing the vote.

I feel that if this is the condition in Chandigarh than all news reports about Form 17A else where are true.

But what can you do in country where names of , a VC,A Judge , an advocate and few residents of more than 30 years are found missing from the Voters list..

If the above discussion has any substance than election Commission should enquire into the whole issue and if still there are provisions on this issue than some noted lawyer has to file a PIL to countermand the whole election process at least in allahabad.


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