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Weekly new issues without followup on older issues(Vadra)

Hi, I would like to know what is being done as a follow-up of Vadra's issue. I find it interesting .....

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: Oct 2012
: India
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Weekly new issues without followup on older issues(Vadra)


I would like to know what is being done as a follow-up of Vadra's issue. I find it interesting that 300 crore issue was completely forgotten and now people are focussing on a compartively lower 81 lakh issue. I assume that on 16 oct, they is going to be one more announcement about other corrupt ministers.

I do not understand the meaning behind this hit-and-run blame game without following up with the older issues. If you start an issue, it would be nice if one small team is running behind that issue all the time and keep that issue also alive.

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: Apr 2011
: gwalior
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Gentle men ! "Neta ji is an ex IAS. He could better understand how to deal with the situation.There are numbers of scams...... . So this time only discloser is enough as we have no power with us." One more thing no any Mango man could dare to expose politicians corruptions ever before this one."
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: Aug 2012
: Mumbai
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Sunil Ji,
Most of people know how corrupt around us, it is good we are bringing them to limelight. We know how VP sing come to power and what happened after also we know.
It is not good to say some one is better, what ever he say is final and best (may be Kejriwal is open for suggestions) is not good answer. Better we have logical and convincing answer. So that we can have more people behind us on long run?
I have open some thread today naming “HIT and RUN”, kindly we will have more debit on that related to this topic.
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: Oct 2012
: Faridabad
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Smile Hit and Run Tactics

In my opinion the role being played by Anna, Arvind and all others is to create awareness amongst the public about corruption in high places and not to be the Implementation agency which has to do the follow up. Please remember you are pitted against the high and mighty. No follow up will ever take place.Therefore the tactics of "Expose and Move" is the only tactics that will work

This is something they should do for the next one year. In so doing it is important:
  • That the home work for each expose is done well
  • The expose is well stage manged
  • No foul language is used and due respect paid as they are all our seniors. Please remenber of they use foul language like Khurshid ji it will only go against Khurshid and not against IAC
  • No violence
  • Please never mince a word in bringing out that corruption is eating India like a white ant
  • The call for the sleepy citizens should always be loud and clear. One day will come when it will be heard across the globe as well
Best of Luck - 'Expose and Run"
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: Oct 2012
: India
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One other big fish (Mr. Power) slipping from the net due to lack of continued pressure and followup. Why are the IAC going after Digvijag suddenly now? This is crazy.
I hope IAC guys do something about following up with these things seriously. Media is not at all talking about old cases today.

I just saw your new thread too. It is quite interesting.
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: Jul 2018
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