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Black Republic day

How to put to shame the PM and president for the Delhi police brutality? Please don't boycott the republic day .....

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: Dec 2012
: Chandigarh
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Lightbulb Black Republic day

How to put to shame the PM and president for the Delhi police brutality?

Please don't boycott the republic day parade.. They pimps of power better known as goon politicians will fill those stands with youth congress and paid goons to proclaim our defeat!!*

Let's think one step ahead.. All the criminals will come out in there red beacons trying to steal the limelight.. The same president and PM who were too busy to address our concerns..
We have to put them to shame in front of the world.. And what better platform than this?

Solution: boys wear black shirts and coats.. Women black kurtas and shawls.. Make it a sea of black.. Wave your coats and shawls to them when they expect your applause.. Let the whole world know that a revolution is coming.. We will see if Delhi police has the guts to lathicharge there?

Share if u can!
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: Apr 2011
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Gentle men ! "Good way to show our anger is to keep black band on our arm and stop the practice to go to the authorities for asking to do any favour to our society. By approaching to them we let them feel superior."
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: Jul 2018
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: Sep 2018
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