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How to Eradicate corruption In India

Indians think that corruption cannot be eliminated in India – at least not in their lifetime . This pessimistic and .....

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How to Eradicate corruption In India

Indians think that corruption cannot be eliminated in India – at least not in their lifetime. This pessimistic and cynical perception of the people is largely an outcome of confusing corruption with all kinds of illegal actions and activities like dishonesty, cheating, Duping etc. Most illegal actions, many of which are private actions, are confused with corruption.


Corruption is defined as the use of public office for private gains. Scales of corruption can be Grand, Middling or Petty and payment of bribes can be due to collusion between the bribe taker and the bribe giver,
Many corrupt practices fall outside the purview of existing laws The responsibility for dealing with corrupt people, on individuals, civil society institutions, legislature, executive, and the judiciary.


India is one of the most regulated economies with powers concentrated in few hands. It is a poor country with scarce resources where Demand is always more than supply. The receivers of the public services are largely poor, ignorant, and illiterate. There is also absence of transparency and accountability of the public servants. There is no system of rewards and punishments for the public servants. There is also no right to information.

But Our Indian Politicians from Village level, Councilor level, MLA / MLC of Districts , Chief minister of states MP of States and Prime minister our India escape all the laws as they have the complete powers with them .

An estimated sum of Rupees 26,768 Corers are extracted from citizens who interact with these sectors.
In October 2009, the former Chief Minister of the state of Jharkhand, Madhu Koda, was charged with laundering money worth over INR 40 billion. Koda was serving time in jail pending further investigations.
5. license-permit-quota

inspector regime is pervasive in India since independence and continues even after liberalization and globalization of 1991. In addition, there are 3000 central statutes and 10 times as many state statutes plus subsidiary and administrative laws (most of them archaic),

With several Exemption clauses and discretionary powers sans accountability. All these conditions are fertile breeding grounds of corruption. At present, 19.5 million people hold public office with central and state governments, quasi-central and quasi-state institutions, and rural and urban local bodies spread over 200,000 establishments and offices all over India.

Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh is now serving his second term after his party, the Congress Party, won a huge victory in the 2009 parliamentary elections. During his first term, Singh declared the fight against corruption to be a priority

Public servant

19.5 million public servants exercise their. Powers control and regulate the remaining thousand million citizens. Since 90 percent of these 19.5 million public servants are, Class III and Class IV employees. Power is concentrated in the hands of less than 2 million public servants who regulate and control the fate of a Thousand million people.

The number of government establishments and offices have doubled from approx100,000 to 200,000 in the last two decades and the number of government servants has bloated from 15.5 million 1981 to 19.5 million today.

8. Minority

This minorityhas the potential to indulge into corruption in all its forms and scale giving India an image of one of the most corrupt countries of the world. The remaining 17.5 million public servants with limited powers can indulge in petty corruption only.

9. The Task

The Task should be taken up seriously and vigorously by civil society, institutions using committed judiciary and lawyers because the government functionaries alone can never do this. At present, the perception is that government can eradicate corruption and responsibility of government alone. Thus, the responsibility and the onus of combating corruption are as much of the people and the civil society institutions as that of the government

10. Follow-up:
A mere shouting slogans / raising voice are not an end in itself. Results need to be published to raise public awareness focus debates and promote institutional reform.

To this end, We all as Anna Hazare Movement Anti corruption in India has to undertake the following steps:

a) Disseminate the results of the survey to legislators`, Central & State Governments, Sectoral Departments and Institutions, NGOs, and the public through print and electronic media.

b) Act as a catalyst to promote Citizens Interest groups and support their actions.

c) Press for the formulation and effective implementation of Citizens Charters in all government departments and allied institutions.

d) Press for Service Charters from private business and institutions involved in delivery of services to the citizens.

e) Press for augmenting the use of Information Technology to enable quick and easy access, and prompt disposal of cases by the government.

f) Press for transparency in actions of the government agencies in the discharge of their functions.

g) Strongly bid for accountability of all functionaries.

h) Continue the programs already in hand for Moral and Ethical education, introducing
Lok Pal (Ombudsman), and e-readiness and judicial reforms.

i) Lobby for immediate legislation of the Right to Information Act.

11. Citizens Charter
The concept of Citizen Charters has been introduced to improve the quality of public services. It ensures

12. Accountability, transparency and quality of services provided by various government organizations. It enables citizens to Avail of services with minimum hassle, in reasonable time, and at a minimum cost. Effective implementation of Citizens

13. Charters will go a long way in controlling corruption. The Anna hazare Movement of India has launched an ambitious programme for formulation and implementation of Citizens Charters in all government departments. To over see the implementation and diffusion of these Charters, there must be Watch/ Monitoring Committees Consisting of both public service providers and service receivers.

14. Strong Youth Movement Accountability in Bureaucracy

Production of Space. The Root Cause of Corruption lies in the System itself. Bring awareness amongst the people through mass communication
Strict Laws and enforcement Public should stop cooperation
Pay the Government Officers at par with the Private Sector and provide with adequate facility Corrupt officials shall be branded and tagged for some months Rock steady policies


Village level All Youths of India & Retired persons should spare time form a group, identify hamlet, a Village, District, town go to that Village / Town educated the importance of anticorruption movement of Anna Hazare by holding Play cards, skits, road shows playing songs pride of our nation, and enlighten them to choose a leader of High integrity, moral values who is willing to serve them has a passion to do social service without any importance of voting without taking money.

The Secondary Schools in Village and districts

Youths and Elders identified in Villages Sec schools by them and teach the children all Principles of our Indian democracy, how yhey should obey the law of land how to choose a leader to serve them what should be his character and moral values.

Rural Farmer and ordinary worker

India totally surrounded by villages and agricultural based farmer are not educated and do not have any knowledge of our Indian democracy and system of corruption deep rooted .educated him about his rights to get work done at Village /Taluk / District Govt offices without paying any bribe . Daily wage earner does not have time to spare for coming to city to get his work done at Govt offices .Teach him the importance of RTI act to get his work done sitting at his place with less spending.

The Rural women and child

The Rural women are the most vulnerable persons who are taken for a ride by all most all Govt depts. While to get their work done like widow pension , Old age pension , health care systems, Hospital treatments, Birth Certificates ,land records, compensation for the crop, police departments and dowry harassments

Teach them their rights to get work done in all Govt depts. Without paying any bribe and choose a right leader to serve them who have good moral values with high integrity Take any oath from them not accept gifts/money while voting to choose a leader.

The Youths of College at District level

The youths at college level in every district play an important role in building future of our nation .As they have lots of ambition, hope and energy which can be transformed into good governance by teaching them the importance of anticorruption movement.
How to choose a leader, why should they compulsorily vote.

What will be the consequences in choosing a leader with criminal back ground? How it will affect their growth, their village, and district .Also enlighten them their rights in democracy, how they should obey & protect the law of land. by choosing a wrong leader by taking money / liquor for voting how it affects our nation economy by plundering of black money . There by growth is sustained

Give them Carrier guidance windows of opportunity available to them by various welfare schemes; teach computer literacy, scholarships, youth movements,

The Ordinary people of Village and Distinct

Meet ordinary people in all walks of life at identified Village and Districts like Govt teachers, Govt servants, Petty business persons Coolis, Hawkers selling in road side
Artisans, Service person the importance of choosing a Right leader with high moralvlaues who can serve them as a leader to represent with their problems in legislature and parliament to get all the welfare measured adopted by govt to reach them. What are the dangers in choosing a wrong leader in future?

Enlighten them importance of Voting compulsorily by choosing the Right leader without expecting any money/ liquor for voting in all most all elections .Reject such candidate who indulge them in such mal practice.

Organize a Rally / Conference by calling all Govt staff, Teacher’s, health workers, Village accountants, Tashildars, Police constable, enlighten them their moral responsibility & duty towards public. And take an oath voluntarily from now on wards forgetting past will serve people with out any pressure, fear or cohesion within in the frame work of their office work manual duty responsibility assignened. They will also respect the law of land and will not indulge in harassing common people who come to their dept to get their work done, They do not take bribe for serving them and they also do not give bribe to their higher up to get postings and also get jobs initially They are also advised to resist all types of temptation to take bribe from common people, Politicians Buarocrats, Business community, Industrialist.

Teach them consequences they face of electing a wrong person with criminal records, or without good moral values as to how it effects their Village/District growth, all their benefits are denied. And their family rights are snatched by them thus pushing them back wards without any progress there by throwing them darker side of life, leading Hungry, Poverty, denying basic birth rights to their next generations like Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education and Basic Health. How their good service duty towards people will bring lots of love and appreciation for good works done and will give a mental satisfaction, there by contributing to society and will get rewards .followed by wisdom a reality.

The Educated Middleclass people of Developed Town and Youths

The Educated Middle class and youths of this country play an important role in taking forward our country They have assess or all good Civic amenities like good roads, House, Electricity ,Water and Sanitary, Good Health Good Education .Sports ,Entertainment, Fashion, good Transport, latest info on Science and Technology ,Good Schools, Colleges, Professional colleges, Carrier opportunity, Soft ware knowledge and good information about current events in world by media exposure .

In spite of all these Plus points they start cribbing and start accusing with loose talks of govt programmers without participation in election process (only 45-50 %) by not electing a Right candidate. .At least now time has come for youths and middle class people of our country to Raise to this opportunity call of nation by Anna Hazare India against Corruption Form .
The Business men and Corporate level of India

I appeal to all the business community and corporate persons to plan their business capital investments well in advance for the benefit of nation with in the frame work of law of land without any deviation, zonal regulations , obey municipal acts, Town planning regulations, Green path regulations, Environment clearance, Factory acts, labor acts, Income tax act, and not to cut short any of the govt regulations which affects common men ordinary living ,like getting agricultural land of farmer which deny him his rights of cultivation and income .by adopting improper law .

The People Representative in Legislature & Parliamentarian

Dear leaders of all party ruled us all these 65 years after independence our nation with lots of scams due to nongoverence on all fields have miserably failed .Forget the past, Face the people with right attitude to serve them with smile, forget all the misdeeds done by all party, clean your image by bringing all the black money deposited elsewhere out of country.

The people of India are not against any party or politicians or individual only request the a change in the system of political admistration to bring about change & transparency

There by you have denied basic rights of our fellow country men /our economy, your family kith and kin next generations and there by pushing our country back ward . Suitable law of Jan loakpal bill suitable to all people of India proposed by Anna Hazare with group discussion among Judiciary & Intellectuals to adopt a free and fair law to our country

The Judiciary and Defense

Dear Judiciary people you have been chosen and selected by the people elected representative to give justice to common people. You are the guardian of our democracy with full knowledge of all the law of land and have the right to give justice to all common people with out reservation to caste creed, rich and poor, without fear, cohersion, and compulsion. Justice delayed is Justice denied

We all salute you all Jai Hind

Keshavan Madabushi
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