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An examples and its possible for our whole India

Dear All, have a look about our Gujarat and think about all other states where we live, pl do your .....

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: Feb 2011
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Thumbs up An examples and its possible for our whole India

Dear All, have a look about our Gujarat and think about all other states where we live, pl do your best to improve our state, this will be possible in comming elections by choosing the right politicians,

Gujarat is one of the most well developed and state with sound infrastructure facalities in India. The attractions of Gujarat are:

· Business friendly environment. · Best State for “Economic Freedom” in India by the Indian think tank, Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies.
· Industry friendly State attracting the attention of investors worldwide with its open door policy and liberalized economy.
· Government thrust & initiatives on the industrial front.
· Government / Institution efforts & support are available for export promotion of industrial products and also for new industrial ventures.
· 21% of Indian exports originates from Gujarat and 17% of total industrial investments in India are in Gujarat.
· Leader in several industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, soda, dyes, salt and ash. · With its Vibrant Gujarat Summit, the State has managed to garner MOUs worth Rs. 1750 billion (US $39.77 billion) in the last two years.
· The power generation capacity of the state is 8.6% of the country which includes more than 25% of the total gas-based installed generation capacity of the country.
· Gujarat has adequate inter-regional transmission and distribution capacity for evacuation of electricity generated from the power stations for meeting the demand of consumers across the state. Gujarat has 382,701 kms of transmission and distribution line network.
· Gujarat has the most developed gas pipeline network in the country and is the only State where the gas pipeline network is being operated by more than one player, viz. GAIL, GSPL and GGCL. Gujarat has a pipeline network of 1000 kms, which is 22% of the countrys pipeline network.
· The State has already established itself as an ideal and preferred industrial investment destination.
· Gujarat has a well-spread network of banking and financial institutions; the State is in an ideal position to attract investments.
· Gujarat is proud of its excellent law and order situation with low crime rate. The social and communal harmony that is vital for industrial growth is the hallmark of Gujarat society.
· Gujarat has an extensive telecom network with optic-fibre technology, cellular phones, and high speed Internet.
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