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“SOS” (Save Our Sonia) MESSAGE

“SOS” (Save Our Sonia) MESSAGE: Why is there a suspense surrounding the reason why Sonia Gandhi has gone to USA .....

: Apr 2011
: Bahrain
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Cool “SOS” (Save Our Sonia) MESSAGE

“SOS” (Save Our Sonia) MESSAGE:
Why is there a suspense surrounding the reason why Sonia Gandhi has gone to USA for “Surgery”? What is the ailment that she has been suddenly diagnosed with which requires treatment in USA?


(1) Dear Lord, what a wonderful opportunity I have, to be Your Servant; to dream great dreams and achieve the Impossible!
Give me the Strength & Courage of Mary that I too will fulfil the purpose You have for my Life! – Amen
“I am the Lord’s servant”, Mary answered, “May it be to me as you have said”.(The Holy Bible: Luke 1:38)

(2) O God! I’m tired of trying to do it on my own.
Please help me. End the Inner Struggle in me.
Strengthen me through the promises of Your Word.
Help me to rest in Your Power Today! – Amen.

“... The land is still ours, because we have sought the Lord our God, we sought him and he has given us rest on every side. So they built and prospered.” (The Holy Bible: 2 Chronicles 14:7)

Why has Sonia chosen to go to USA? It is clear that the doctors & hospitals in India cannot be trusted to give the right treatment to save one’s life. Instead, it is a well known fact that all hospitals in Delhi are run by doctors who “Steal Kidney” and “Kill Human Life Lives” in the name of “Surgery”! All “Operation Theatres” in Indian hospitals are “slaughter houses” run by Corrupt and greedy "Inhuman Species".
Was it a doctor from "AIIMS" or “Apollo” who advised Sonia Gandhi to go to USA? It is a well known fact that all Apollo Hospitals in India are ruled by the Corrupt “REDDYS” who are now in alliance with Corrupt “YEDDYS”.
No wonder, Yeddy was showing a victory sign shamelessly on the day he was kicked out from the Chief Ministership of Karnataka because he has already been given assurance by the NRI- REDDYS working in USA hospitals who will ensure that Yeddy will be brought back into power within 6 months if only he can arrange for Sonia to be sent over to USA for “Surgery”. The “Lungi men” of Congress Party are also playing this double-cross game with UNGODLY LTTE ALLIANCE (some of whom are in Tihar Jail) and now the spineless and pathetic media will only watch the Climax of this Secret Evil Plot surrounding the suspense of Sonia’s True “Medical” reason for her “Surgery”.
Why are the people of India being denied their right to know what ailment their leader is suffering from? Why is the spineless and pathetic media accepting vague answers and clarifications in this matter? Can anyone smell the dead-rat in the room?
It is quite clear that the Al-Qaeda+ LTTE Alliance want to use Sonia as a “Qurbani” scape-goat (Bali-ki-Bakri) during this Holy month of Ramadan. So that UNGODLY LTTE will continue to manipulate SO-CALLED “GODLY” HINDU MILITANTS to rule INDIA with the help of Lungi wallahs in all parties forming the UPA & NDA.

OR is it a plot like Bollywood movie climax where the “Maa” (like Nirupa Roy & Sulochana) is trapped by the “NRI villains” to get the “helpless Maa’s son” (the Hero) to give away his power to become the next Prime Minister of India and hand over the power to greedy “Khoosat- Budhdhay and Thookaylay Chewing Gum- Lungi Wallahs (Chidambaram, Yeddy, Reddy, Advani and Pranab Dada).
Does Barkha Dutt of NDTV or Arun Shourie (Senior Journalist of India) have the guts to go to every Apollo hospital in India and obtain accurate facts about how many “Kidneys and Lives” were stolen by White Collar Criminals operating these “Slaughter Houses” with the support of NRI- greedy Criminals” investing in these so-called “Super-Specialist Hospitals”.
These slaughter houses have emerged like “Kukur muttas” [mushrooms that grow wildly where the slum dogs (kukur) have passed number one (Mutta)!] due to the “pioneering economic liberalization” of Manmohan Singh who is now silently watching the entire ugly crime like a “Goonga Don of Mafia Underworld”.
Does BBC TV/ Radio - Hindi, Urdu or English journalists have the guts to tell Manmohan Singh “Apni Zabaan pay Lagay Taalay Khol, aur BBC kay through saaray India say 15th August kay pehlay ‘Sach’ Bol and “Save True India’s Soul”!”
Nahin toh 16th August ko Julian Assange video evidence kay saath sabkaa “Kachcha Chittha Khol Dega”!
AQ ki Badi Akka-Bua
From Osamabad (previously known as Abbottabad)
Now capital of United States of Al-Qaeda (USAQ)

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: Aug 2011
: Chandigarh
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Hmmmmmmmmmmmm good one prayer dear

Mahavir S Ror

Senior HR
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