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BJP dares govt to impose article 356 in Orissa

NEW DELHI: The confrontation with the Congress and the BJP escalated here on Monday with saffron party daring the Manmohan .....

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Post BJP dares govt to impose article 356 in Orissa

NEW DELHI: The confrontation with the Congress and the BJP escalated here on Monday with saffron party daring the Manmohan Singh government to di
smiss the Navin Patnaik government in Orissa.

``The BJP warns the UPA government at the Centre not to engage in constitutional adventurism by seeking to misuse and apply Article 356 on Orissa,’’ former president M Venkaiah Naidu said here on Monday.

``We are confident that if the ruling coalition does go ahead by dismissing a popularly elected government, then it’ll have disastrous consequences for the Congress and its supporters in the UPA.’’

The BJP charged the government with adopting double-standards towards state governments. ``When hundreds of people were harassed, attacked and killed — a situation which continues even today in Assam, a Congress-ruled state which is represented in Parliament by the prime minister himself, the Centre has not yet considered issuing an advisory under Article 355 to the state government,’’ Mr Naidu alleged.

On Kandhamal, he said: ``The incidents have to be viewed in totality. The area is inhabited by the Kandhas, who enjoy the ST status, and the Panas, who have the SC tag. Both are entitled to reservation benefits under the Constitution.

However, as and when large number of the Panas got converted to Christianity, their reservation benefits ceased to operate. However, they wanted the continuance of these benefits even after getting converted and so started demanding ST status for their community.

This was not acceptable to the Kandhas, who want to maintain their traditional faith and have also been resisting conversions,’’ the former BJP president argued.

The Panas, over the years, acquired economic clout and started, through various means, purchasing the land owned by the Kandhas. ``This has been leading socio-economic tensions between the two communities.” - ET

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Venkaiah warns Congress on Article 356

BHUBANESWAR: Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Venkaiah Naidu Sunday said that the BJD-BJP alliance is not going to be cowed down by the threat of imposition of Article 356 in the State.

The Congress will face the consequences if it goes for such a misadventure, Naidu told a media conference here. On arrival here today, Naidu held meetings with BJP ministers, MPs, MLAs, State office-bearers and attended the party core committee meeting to discuss the Kandhamal issue. He also met Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik along with national general secretary Ramlal and discussed the issue.

Naidu said that he had requested the Chief Minister to take steps for nabbing the killers of Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati. Referring to the warning of the Centre to impose Article 356, Naidu said that Congress will face the backlash across the country. Stating that Congress has a habit of misusing Article 356, he said that they have done so 124 times but have not learnt anything from experience.

Alleging that the Centre is hanging Article 356 as a Sword of Damocles on Orissa under American pressure, Naidu reminded Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that the Americans will not be here to vote for the Congress in the elections. Naidu announced that the BJP is ready for elections anytime after the Prime Minister signs the nuclear deal with America by pleasing them.

Naidu clarified that the BJP and its sister organisations have no role to play in incidents against the Christians in Karnataka and other places as a campaign has been orchestrated by the UPA. But he criticised the ‘pseudo secularists’ for keeping mum on incidents like Godhra but becoming critical on subsequent incidents.

The BJP leader said that their response is similar in Karnataka and Kandhamal. While these people condemned subsequent incidents, they kept mum on the killing of Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati, he said and added that both should be equally condemned.

Stating that there is nothing wrong to launch a campaign against conversion, Naidu called for a national debate on this. He said that conversion causes social tension as well as demographic changes. He called upon Christian missionaries not to induce people in the name of service, education and health.
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