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Cegonsoft Job Assistance Program | Good Placements | Assured Jobs

IT industry is as huge as an ocean and for any fresher or a job seeker to make their entry .....

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: Jun 2011
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Cegonsoft Job Assistance Program | Good Placements | Assured Jobs

IT industry is as huge as an ocean and for any fresher or a job seeker to make their entry into it is certainly a tough task if you are not on the right track. Cegonsoft has made an extensive research to learn the expectations of IT industry and our syllabuses are framed with that on grounds so as to make the entry or re-entry of any candidate a cakewalk. Cegonsoft provides two types of courses.
Cegonsoft believes in self-analysis, self-estimation and self-assessment, therefore we encourage candidates who are choosy about platforms based on self-assessment. For candidates who find it a tough task to assess themselves are put to our expert counselors so as to help them to figure out what they are capable of.
Placement Assistance is provided to all the candidates who fall under this program.Placement Assistance Program in Cegonsoft is intended to make a swift transition from a student to Software professional assisted by our Placement Cell. Placement cell in Cegonsoft constitutes a colossal team of specialists to co-ordinate with our clients, fix appointments and conduct interviews. The various courses under this Program are
RIA - Rich Internet Application
Software Testing
LAMP & Python
WEB 2.0
To avail the placement assistance, candidates should attend the Career Guidance Program without fail
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: Sep 2011
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Python in Cegonsoft


Python is a high level programming language for code readability.

Python is often used as a scripting language with functional programming and object programming.

Python is mostly suited for web applications and a number of Linux applications have been developed in python.

Python has been used in several video games and google application engine.

Python has been used in artificial intelligence and in information security industry.

Python in Cegonsoft:

Highly qualified and well equipped technical team to handle the Technology

Exhilarating placements immediately after training.

Enthusiastic and energetic Software development team to absorb trainees based on the performance.

Pleasing infrastructure and comforting ambience.

Classes at your convenience.

Extracurricular events on Saturdays such as Seminars, Group Discussion,Personality Development class,
Interview Tips etc.

CEGONSOFT PYTHON TRAINING | The Best | Good Python Training Institutes | Centers | Company | Portal in Bangalore | Chennai | Coimbatore | India
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: Feb 2012
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Hi thanks for the information...does cegonsoft offers soft skills and placements in MNC's as well...
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