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Anna vs Government

All the Parties Such as Congress, BJP, SP, etc. all of these are corrupted, I think this is very good .....


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: Sep 2012
: Bhopal M.P.
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Angry New Party

All the Parties Such as Congress, BJP, SP, etc. all of these are corrupted, I think this is very good time for opening a new party because all the people needs this. Baar baar anshan karne se kuchh nahi hoga SARKAR so gayi hai Wo iss Ansan ko majak samajh rahi hai to unka javab naee party hi hai.
Jai Hind.
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: Sep 2012
: Bathinda
: 73
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Hi All true Indians,
Congress is big shark .They have bull Power,Money Power.
What anna team has ? Only Peoples Wishes.
Nehru & Family Constitution could not be changed/Amended by Anna Ji Team.
Anna Team has no strategy to win 2014 Election so far.
If their team by the way wins 2014 & they also started corruption,What strategy Next?
People should wait 2019 Election.No Guidelines framed till date.
Then Why the public should trust Team Anna?
Junior Member
: Jul 2012
: joura (mp)
: 30
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It is good to think about to make a politic party but if the membars of the party are corrupted then what is the difference between our party and other political party i think no need to make party if our people support anna and fight against corruption then we remove corruption from our country
Junior Member
: Aug 2012
: gurgaon
: 13 | 0.00 Per Day

Congrace party ideology is against of poor people they allwase supporting corporate in this situation people should have to support kejriwal for his grate ideology for swaraj .according to my knowledge only swaraj will make independent India .


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