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Reservation vs Education

In recent past we have seen a lots of effort by different groups of people in India, demanding for their .....

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: Apr 2010
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Reservation vs Education

In recent past we have seen a lots of effort by different groups of people in India, demanding for their reservations. On the other hand we have also witnessed the majority of people who were not at all in favor of these reservations! It’s nothing new but it happened many a times in our country. Out of these demands, some of them managed to get it and others are still fighting for it!
If we remember correctly then during the OBC reservations in our higher educational institutions, there were many groups came forward to oppose it. These groups were popping up like anything in day and night during that time. Most of them were grouped and headed by the youngsters because those reservations were affecting directly to the young students and their future! As they all believed its not in the favor of quality education in the country. Some of these groups gets into a registered organizations to fight for equality in all such future incidents too.
But, despite all the efforts and initiatives at that time, where are we today? We are again back to business
Busy in our day to day life as usual! And where are those groups now, who started to fight for equality in India? Is their job done? Where were these groups when farmers were dying in Maharashtra, when some of the people were given the reservation benefits by the Government as the politicians have promised them before elections and when rest of people in the same state started demanding for their reservation?
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: Oct 2009
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It is an irony that we upper caste people are watching silently. We have been leading in all aspects of life. Today we are being marginalised by so-called downtroddens. In the name of upliftment of dalits and OBCs, we are standing at the corner of the society. Mayawati is teasing us with garland of INRs. Is it not with the support of upper caste Brahmins like Satish Mishra and his asociates? They have gone down history by touching her feet in public which entire world watched. We will learn the lesson but only sitting on the road and shining the boots of others. Just think where is the job left for general candidates? More than 50% seats are reserved for SC/ST/OBC and other groups. These groups if scoring well, have a claim in open catagory too.Now atleast we can learn from these privileged group how united they are and securing their position at national level. It is not too late. We can consolidate our position and retain the lost ground. Jai Ho!
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: Jul 2011
: Coimbatore
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That is a good posting.Now a days the importance of education is increasing.Education is the fourth necessity for man after food, clothing and shelter, in today’s competitive world. Education is indeed a powerful tool to combat the cut-throat competition that man is faced with at every junctures in life. The importance of education in India is indeed rising with passing time. Though India has always been a great source of learning for many years, it still needs to improve not just on the quality of education but also on the number of people being educated.
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: Oct 2018
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