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Reservation--how long?

[QUOTE=NCSinha;11740]Reservation was intended to be a ten-year programme. It has been extended time and again and the result is not .....


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: Aug 2012
: kharagpur
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[QUOTE=NCSinha;11740]Reservation was intended to be a ten-year programme. It has been extended time and again and the result is not something we need to be proud of. We have compromised with the quality in the name of reservation. If bringing parity is the sole reason for reservation, the best way of achieving this is by providing the infrastructure for the development of individuals. Instead, caste politics was allowed to take centre stage and that has caused immense damage to the country as a whole. Today, inefficiency is the key. Every segment of administration is affected due to inefficiency and that is because of reservation.[/QUOTE]

We should not involve ourself in the controversial topics and should make our stand clear on the only +ve and clean policies for the success of this movement otherwise we will get divided in these matters and our main aim will remain incomplete. so we should first clear our stand to fight for corruption alone to make this movement a grand success...... Other wise the other political parties who want to divide us will be successful in doing so and we will be left with no choice other than accepting the corrupt politicians.......
..........Thank you......
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: May 2012
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i think just like as corruption , the reservation is also be a problem of India. from that Indian people are divide.and not support each other.
my thought is not all opens are rich some are(specially in villages) poor.
and not all other category peoples are poor some are also rich as compare to some open category.
think about it. this is real fact of our country. than you.
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