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Launching AntiReservation.Com - 1st October 2008

Hello my dear friends in India and Abroad... Greetings & welcome to [B]AntiReservation.Com[/B] [I]- the first and only organised forum .....

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: Oct 2008
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Launching AntiReservation.Com - 1st October 2008

Hello my dear friends in India and Abroad...

Greetings & welcome to [B]AntiReservation.Com[/B] [I]- the first and only organised forum for students and professionals against reservation![/I]

As the name suggests, this is a community of like-minded people (no matter to what caste, creed, class, society, gender or location we belong), those who are against the policy of reservation on various basis at various levels in the systems across the world, especially the Indian system - where seats are reserved for admissions to professional courses and jobs on the basis of one's caste, religion or origin.

We invite students, professionals and general public to be a part of this revolutionary movement against such reservation and voice their opinion. We seek your support in making this successful! Our aim is to bring about a positive change in the system by making the policy-makers understand the need of the hour.

As you are aware- caste, creed and origin based reservation in professional courses and in government jobs is eating into the rights of deserving candidates whereby hundreds of students have even committed suicides as part of protests and agitations over the last two decades or so. Since Internet is the most-powerful medium of expression today, we are launching a HUGE powerful online campaign with the organization of like-minded people here at [url][/url].

The community will also serve the purpose of giving memorandums to the Government of India to let them know what the youth of India is seeking and how powerful our voice is. We can only progress if everyone has equal rights and opportunities...

As we launch this forum today, we would like you to invite everyone in your circle - friends, fellows, relatives, colleagues, etc. to join in and make this the largest online community of students and professionals seeking a ban on reservation!

We look forward to your participation and the success of this community with your valuable time and inputs.

Thank you very much...

Best Regards,


[U]P.S.[/U] - We are looking for students and professionals who can contribute content, create and maintain forums and polls and also act as administrators and moderators.


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