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I am of the view that there is a strong case for infusing a sense of nationalism in all Indians. .....

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: Mar 2011
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I am of the view that there is a strong case for infusing a sense of nationalism in all Indians. This sense comes to fore on certain occasions. Cricket is one of the sports that brings Indians under one flag. But this needs to be carried forward; and the best way to do so is to make military service compulsory for all, because cricket is a momentary thing that plays out its innings rather quickly. Conscription will have the staying prowess. May be for two years or even five years. But it should be mandatory that after completion of schooling or college/university degree, job doors should be opened only if one has undergone military service for a stipulated period of time. Military discipline will ready him or her for greater roles in civil life. This has many positives and many countries have implemented conscription in their country. First of all, it gives a sense of belongingness and imbues nationalism. When everybody will be required to undergo the rigours of military service, no one will complain about discrimination and things like that. The evils of casteism etc will evaporate. Corruption will be checked to a very large extent. Recent revelations about corruption in the armed forces should not be blown out of proportion. This has happened because many in the armed forces feel that they are denied the comforts and better things that are available to civilians and that they are being sacrificed at the altar of 'their' country. Hence they have been indulging in some corrupt practices. This will go once conscription is adopted. I request full-throated discussion on this and solicit response.

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