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Vinay Kumar
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: Oct 2009
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It is an irony that we upper caste people are watching silently. We have been leading in all aspects of life. Today we are being marginalised by so-called downtroddens. In the name of upliftment of dalits and OBCs, we are standing at the corner of the society. Mayawati is teasing us with garland of INRs. Is it not with the support of upper caste Brahmins like Satish Mishra and his asociates? They have gone down history by touching her feet in public which entire world watched. We will learn the lesson but only sitting on the road and shining the boots of others. Just think where is the job left for general candidates? More than 50% seats are reserved for SC/ST/OBC and other groups. These groups if scoring well, have a claim in open catagory too.Now atleast we can learn from these privileged group how united they are and securing their position at national level. It is not too late. We can consolidate our position and retain the lost ground. Jai Ho!
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