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: Oct 2008
: India
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Arrow Casteless , caste-ridden and caste-system based society

What philosophers of ancient times like Plato and Aristotle dreamt, ancient India experienced it in real life. Stratification in their ideal society was quite similar to Varna’ system, followed by caste system. Plato had divided its ‘ideal society’ into four groups according to the aptitute, assigned jobs accordingly and did ranking in following order -
  • Philosopher Kings” (Brahmins of Varna system) having intellectual acumen for perforing intellectual work and setting norms society.
  • Army men” (Kshatriyas of Varna system) - Warrior to protect nation from invasions and maintain law & order within country.
  • Business Community” (Vaishyas of Varna system) - To do transactions and,
  • Slaves” (Shudras of Varna system) - To serve the above three groups.
Almost all principles of a good organisation are found in caste system. It provides strong structure based on principles of ‘Varna, Dharma and Karma”, keeps its members comfortable and satisfied, assigns duties to different sections of society according to their natural instincts and qualities and instills amongst people feeling of interdependence and team-spirit etc. Caste-system believes in lofty principles like “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” (whole world is one family), “live and let live”, “Self restraint”, “automatic checks and balances” “division of labour” along with “to each according to his needs and from each according to his capacity” etc. etc.
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