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: Dec 2013
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this might be my personal opinion and i might be wrong but supporting a particualr political party or a person might not be a solution to anything. the system that the political party may bring ith it could be effective. but thinking that a partiacl party is the only hope we and our future generations have is not completely correct. ts similar to say that if we have a idol leader then we will allow dictatorship. we need to start adopting new methods and promote the ideas of transparency and freedom and liberty
corruption free india would only be possible with better ideas not better parties, people don't take much time to change. Anna is a respectable man but he can;t do everything by his own, people have to become more educated and know that if we promote a politicaly transparent it would be harder for corruption to survive. we should understand and accept that lokpal might not be completely correct, we might have to change a lot of things because its a system which we havent expermiented with it bfore. we have to wait for results and see what is right and though we will make mistakes, lokpal is a great effore, lets not praise peope or party rather start working from our sides to make it better