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: Dec 2012
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the corruption late night on national television

Being a citizen of India...i want to share some of my experiences that are coming across me from past one week....i am a private worker as a guest service provider with jet airways but with that me and my family is strictly against a show that is being telecast on SADHNA channel by 11.30 or 11.00 pm daily.... The show is hosted by Mr Mukesh mittal who claims that he is owing such powers that he has supernatural powers to do anything he claims that he can treat anyone with his JYOTISHVIDYA even my dadi watches that show everyday even I didn't care whatsoever crap he speaks to public.. but the episode that was on screen this friday I am extremely extremely exaggerated by first of all his way to treat the callers and secondly, he spoke about the youth who is fighting for Damini at Indiagate. He very openly said that youth that is fighting there are not the children of good families as if they would be from good families "vo log aisi harkatein nahi karte " .....I mean its shameful yaar.. If you cant hold our hand or contribute towards the welfare of this society atleast do not comment things like this
I seriously do not know whom to speak with..... where to file a complaint!! but innocent people who are calling him to get some remedy as people trust him....and he very easily says.... AAPKI KUNDALI M DOSH HAI AAPKA KUCHH NAHI HO SAKTA, PAISA HO TOH MERE PASS AAO WARNA AAPKA JEENA BEKAAR HAI ... Listening to this agar koi person suicide kar le ya koi galat step utha le... who would be held responsible?? Is MR.mittal going to pay for his life??? I mean ..... yaar tum logo ko cheat kar rhe ho upar se you are demoralizing the people of this country....unko jeene ka honsla dilao... apart from this you are forcing people to take some wrong step????
I do not know meri baate koi padhega bhi ya nahi......but its my humble request to you to put a harsh n harsh step towards such evils of this society already hamari country itni corrupted hai..... and we are the youth to stop corruption
You people who is working for this country to fight against such evils please please please main haath jod kar request karti hu to take strict steps towards this show
Thank you so much
Shagun verma
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