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: Oct 2012
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Question SHOULD IAC compile a list of Pending Court Cases with dates??

Good morning !

I was reading about Nitin Gadkari Ji (BJP) this morning, his transactions with Manish Mehta, court case is pending against Mr Manish Mehta since 2003.

What the nonsense is this its all most 9 years and no result ??

Compilation of this list is not a big job, IAC must request Supreme court to get this info and important cases must be reviewed by IAC and our honorable Judges working will come in picture that they are either corrupted or under pressure from politicians??

I suggest IAC must compile all the pending court case list with dates and supreme court must be requested to finalise those court cases.

Even if there is fraud or scam, money should be recovered from his estate and come in govt treasury.

Jai Hind....
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