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: Sep 2012
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Question become a party member & membership fees

wish to all of iac member happy diwali & happy new year.

before 2 days ago i heard the news that now iac movement name will goes back to annaji . there is no right to use this name by arvind kejriwal team. after making a party and on the 26th nov the announcement of new party name, arvind kejriwal"s tem using the party name and logo too.

my suggestion is that people who will joint to arvind kejriwal" party and want a member of party plz make a rules and fill up some forms for personal details, qualification, permenent contact details or something more which is needed.....

i think that there should be some of membership fees for example 60 rupees per year membership fees.(if all member suggest it should be more but keep in mind that evrey common man can effort it). this funds support for movement or election activity too. member gets the right to compulsory voting to elect some importance place election like party president, trasurer, secretary or other post.
the election of above post or some other post the member gives compulsory vote. if any member failure to give vote there will be must some panalty for them. so that people know that in election what is the importance of vote and an awareness message will goes into society.
any type of debate, view, thoughts survey, this member can take part into any decision through give vote.

plz share ur view and thoughts it will be more helpful for administration.
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