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Inme se koi nahi
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: Nov 2012
: bhandara
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Inme se koi nahi

Dear Annaji,Kiranji,Arvindji,Manishji,Prashantji,Kumarj i , and all IAC + Arvind Group ,

Sub: To show the power of right to reject.

Today is Auspicious day of Diwali, I am here proposing one suggestion ,

Ask one person from each constitution to change his name as " Inme se koi nahe " officially. Then let him fight an election .This will force the election commission to keep one button in EVM as " Inme se koi nahi "

Now ask the voters to vote " Inme se koi nahi" .

I bet people's responce will be overwhelmed.And election commission amd so called polliticians will know the power of Right to reject.

Waighting for peopl's responce on this matter.
Jai Hind

Yours Faithfully

Vinod Gupta

A citizen of Bharat Varsh.
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