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: Oct 2012
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Why not Poors Cant live In Lutyens' Delhi or Any other VIP Area

Namaskar Friends,

I had a question for you that Why a poor Indian cannot live in Lutyens' Delhi or any other so called VIP areas of country ? After all India is a wellfare state and every citizen had right to live any where in country and money and power should not be the only creteria to live in Lutyens' Delhi .
Al parties inclusing the BSP claims to be for the dalits do build up flates along the 10 janpath or in any part of VVIP area of all the state capitals?
To deep root our democracy government should at least build up 25% area for poors either at free on lottery basis or on subsidised basis on 10- 20 years lease in Lutyens' Delhi and othe state capitals VVIP area.

A dalit should also breath the air of Lutyens' Delhi as its owner and not only as his servant.

please comment and vote.