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mukesh goel
: Oct 2012
: lucknow
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As said INDIA lives in Villages (Hindustan gaion mein basta hai).IAC movement should now enter into remotest villages of India.But as I said earlier,first thing that we require is the name of the political party.Secondly,Representatives to be appointed from village level to go into public and mix with them and make them realise that how they are being cheated and deprived of their legal rights and fundamental rights,above all what these people are not getting from their elected representratives which is for them.Village,Block,Pargana,Tehsil,District,Commiss ionary,State and above all CENTRE.Only Representratives along with team can do this.Hence my humble request to Kejriwalji is please be fast in forming the party and electing representatives...Mukesh Goel...Lucknow...91-9415141675....( )
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