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: Oct 2012
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Post reservation

dear Prasad,
your making opinion in hurry .... SC/ST getting reservation only 14+7=21 percent from the independence onward . from last 60 year if you count more than 50 lacs of seat vacant. if all seat were filled then ther is no question of reservation today. who is responsible for all this damn.
i sincearly advice to you before making any opinion about reservation system ,you must know about Puna pact 1932 accord between Mahatma gandhi and baba saheb and you must know reservation system of United stated America (now Black is president).
and last ...if any rich person of SC/ST are getting reservation then whats wrong ,they are fighting for just 21 percent . and your opinion if you will give 21 percent to poor SC/ST then again same problem arise for indian so called Upper caste .i want to say this is a internal matter SC/ST for the economy based analysis only SC/ST people make comment otherwise it is illogical...
I had seen lot of TV debate but i have not getting any logical answer from upper caste people. please kindly reply
Ajay Kumar Maneksha
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