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: Aug 2012
: Hongkong
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Arvind Kejriwal ( Mango people party leader ) & the McCarthyism of the uncorrupted

A kind of McCarthyism seems to be operating in the country. Just as the US Senator who gave the term its name saw communists lurking everywhere in the early 1950s, Arvind Kejriwal ( Mango people leader ) sees corruption behind every deal.

He wants electricity consumers in Delhi not to pay bills, claiming that they are over-stated. He cites the cut in tariff which the former chairman of Delhi's electricity regulatory commission, Berjinder Singh, had recommended.

The government did not accept the advice because the power distribution companies were reeling under losses and said they would be unable to assure supply. The two other members of the commission did not give their assent. So Singh's order was not valid.

Subsequently, the regulator hiked rates (which had been withheld for many years).

Kejriwal ( Mango people leader ) finds that sinister. It is true that the privatisation of power distribution has not gone according to script. Power losses....
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