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: Sep 2012
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Anna team not jump in politics

Anna team should not jump in to politics because 80% voters live in village area and 50% people of them do not know about Anna, 50% people know about Anna but they do not know why Anna is fighting. They know nothing about Anna August Kranti, They know nothing about Ansan on Jantar Mantar. They are completly unknown about Jan Lok Pal Bill, Right to recall and near about all the issue of Anna. In village, near about 90% people are away from the news TV Channel(Like AAj Tak,Zee News, IBN7, Star News etc.) only Door darshan channel is available for village people Activity of Anna is not shown on this Channel, Hence People are unknown about Anna and his issue.
Till today. All the issues of Anna has been reached to people through the above TV Channel (i.e. to 20% Public who live in city). There is not any organization in villages level, district level etc. Hence first of all send Anna's issues(Jan Lok Pal Bill,Right To Recall Arvind,s Swaraj) to these people through organization of Human, CDs/DVDs, Natak Nukkad, by Posters etc.
If without spreading the above message jumping in politics is completly failure.
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