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: Aug 2012
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Unwanted power cuts in Faridabad region of Haryana State Electricity Board.

Dear sir/madam,
this is to bring to your notice that the State Haryana region Faridabad is facing severe power cuts problem due to unknown reasons. The dist. Faridabad which is full of various industries is facing such type of power cuts problem. Recently an article was published in the Times of India exposing the Haryana state Electricity Board department due to their irresponsible behavior and without any prior notice of the cut. Due to such type of problem in this region various companies are planning to migrate to some other state for their better production because electricity is not available for more than 2 hours continuously again the power cut occurs. This thing happens daily 8-10 times. State government is doing nothing to curb this issue due to which people are living in a hell like condition. If this thing continues electricity office will set ablaze one day due to people anger. I want to highlight this issue in media because it’s also a part of corruption in Electricity department of Haryana government.

With regards
Nishchint Sharma
hno-2469 sector-8
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