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Post Answers to Questions Raised

These are answers to the questions raised by Shri Arvind Kejriwal regarding formation of Political Party and selection of people.

1. How to select candidates from people? How to ensure their credentials?

(Ans. 1) First of all please try to identify the sectors for which we need people. Then first select the top bosses from people who are supporting this cause of fight against corruption. There may be a few who although not directly related with IAC, but are doing outstanding work in various fields. Please try to convince them and try to incorporate them in the core team. For Example –

1) Matters relating to Army & Defense – General VK Singh
2) Matters relating to Home and Disaster Management – Kiran Bedi
3) Matters relating to Taxation, Public Grievances, Finance and Pensions – Arvind Kejriwal
4) Matters relating to Health – Baba Ramdev
5) Matters Relating to Justice and Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment – Prashant Bhusan
6) Matters Relating to Urban Development, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation – G.R. Khairnar
7) Matters Relating to Rural Development and Panchayati Raj – Anna Hazare
8) Matters Relating to Agriculture & Food Processing Industries – Acharya Balakrishna
9) Matters Relating to Water resource development - Rajendra Singh
10) Matters Relating to Sanitation - Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak
11) Matters Relating to Information Technology – Sam Pitroda
12) Matters Relating to Development of North Eastern Region – JM Lyngdoh
13) Matters Relating to Art – Aamir Khan / Anupam Kher
14) Matters Relating to Culture – Shri Shri Ravi Shankar
15) Matters relating to Space, Science and Tecnology and Education - APJ Abdul Kalam
16) Matters relating to External Affairs - Shashi Tharoor
17) Matters relating to Heavy Industries, Steel, Corporate Affairs, Commerce & Industry- Ratan Tata
18) Matters relating to Tribal Affairs, Environment and Forests - Dr. Prakash Amte
19) Matters relating to Civil Aviation - GR Gopinath (of Deccan Airlines)
20) Matters relating to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises - A Muruganantham (Jayashree Industries)
21) Matters relating to Personnel, Labour and Employment – Shiv Khera
22) Matters relating to Railways, Road Transport and Highways – E. Sreedharan
23) Matters relating to Youth Affairs and Sports – Rahul Dravid (because of his temperament)
24) Matters relating to Women and Child Development – Sister Nirmala
25) Matters relating to Minorities and Tourism – Dalai Lama (to confront religious difference with a spiritual person, also Mayavati’s nuisance will be taken care of)
26) Matters relating to Earth Sciences, Coal, Petroleum and Natural Gas – __________________
27) Matters relating to Power - _______________________________
28) Matters relating to New and Renewable Energy – Tulsi Tanti (of Suzlon)
29) Matters relating to Information and Broadcasting and Parliamentary Affairs – Kumar Vishwas
30) Matters relating to Textiles - ______________________________
31) Matters relating to Handloom and Khadi- Mohammed Furqan (Weaver from Chanderi, MP, designer of the Commonwealth Games monogram)
32) Matters relating to Shipping – _____________________________

Firstly, Please form the Core team with these people.
Then lay down the criterion for selection of people from each of these fields.
Let each of these selected people select one candidate of their respective field from each state of India.
Thus you will easily be in a position to create a pool of more than 545 members for representing different constituencies across the country. What’s important is to give the right job to the right person.
Moreover it will be proclamation, loud and Clear, to the World, by the newly formed Political party that “WE HAVE ARRIVED AND ARE HERE TO STAY”.
The names of the fields mentioned above are those of Ministries, which have their own establishments. There are several unknown people working within as well as outside these establishments who have “excelled” in these fields and have that “Gene of Honesty” in them.

The reason for selecting these names of these Ministries is that till today these fields have in varying degrees have touched individual lives and thus can be considered as “Whole and Complete”

2. How to contest elections without spending money (unlike all political parties do)?

(Ans. 2) Money in itself is no evil. How we handle it decides whether we are evil or not. So once we select correct people, I think the utilization also will be Honest. And for public, try to keep an account of your funding and expenditure statements and get it audited on a regular basis. Get the audited report published on net. Thus yours will be the first political party which will be transparent in terms of its it’s receipts and expenditure statements – which will be a feather in the cap.

3. How to enlighten voters to vote on issues and not any other indicator (caste, booze or money)?

(Ans. 3) Once the sectors and respective leaders and highlighted, people will focus on issues of Development and will not go astray. Plight of People have to be addressed. The problem with people is that they do not have a clear conception regarding the root cause of their problems. So sectoral identification is Vital.
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