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: Aug 2012
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Advice for your political party

Sir, i applaud your teams decision to become a political party. Though, i am not much believer of anti-corruption but i am fed of the political system of India and the way they take decision related to running our country. I want to advice you certain things regarding your party formation and to be followed which i hope you would take into consideration.
First of all make a draft of rules to be followed for once your team members are elected to be an MP, like everyone contesting elections should have achieved something in their life (e.g. no criminal case, some kind of work done to make India proud, it can be winning a medal or an honour at international level.) Also, qualification shouldn't be an issue as sometimes illiterate people are more sincere and intelligent than who have studied. But at centre only people with highest form of studies should be asked to lead.
Secondly, only corruption is not an issue in India, basic amenities, welfare, security are also an issue among many others. So make your committees on those issues, take feedback and try to find a solution to it.
Third, stop making those stupid mistakes in media, once you say something stick to it and please stop making stupid comments. Just stick to what you believe in and what you need to do.
Fourth, collect funds in front of media, you will need funds and you will easily get it if you invite media to telecast your funds or audit them from time to time otherwise the politicians will make sure it will be under scrutiny and in controversy.
Fifth, i have worked in government offices and one thing i learned best is that when someone says something it means nothing, you can also deny it but if you write something, it means everything.
Sixth, you need people who are good at playing with words instead of ones you have there on the stage saying one thing today and then retracting them again next day.
If you think these are valid points, i can give you few more recommendations.
Thank you for coming into politics but hopefully you will last long enough among them for making a change in our country.