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: Aug 2011
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I urge anna not to enter in the politics now.

To form a new political party needs nationwide network and which require marathon work and not possible to fulfill before at least 2014 election. So, I URGE ANNA NOT TO ENTER IN THE POLITICS NOW. Since, if you fight the election in 2014, it is fully possible that you can hardly able to win 5 to 10% seats. In that case you will lose your momentum and cannot do anything change as per your wish. Also, cutting of votes will indirectly benefit to congress only. According to me it will prove suicidal act.

However, if you want to enter in the politics as eminent people suggests, start preparation now for 2019 election and fight at that time only. Till the time you can choose alternative from the present political parties only.

Please note that root of corruption is money required to fight the election. Please concentrate your fight for the changing the system and same you can do by providing better alternative from the present existing political parties. Once the party comes in power with your support will have to act according to your direction.

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