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A party and its formation

This is a great movement turning in to a political party, it is inevitable since we want a democracy.
A democratic party as we want to be in,What should be our immediate priorities?
Our priorities depend on our goals So.
1. We should have an ideological constitutional frame work for the party.
2. List of goals
3. prioritised ways and means to achieve the goals.
4. List of controls to prevent deviations from the ideology.
These are the points we need to focus
Anna team should be the party constitutional and ideological framers and , and first let them prepare the ideological frame work and we will vote on that points.
the reason for earlier failures are the same points
1.The team is un organised because of various reasons
2.Individual voices are sending wrong signals to general public.
3.There is no single point of spokesman kind of organised communication policy
4.Any thing when said to the public should be on behalf of the team/party, and no individual opinions should be expressed.
5. This weakness has been en cashed/ tried to be en cashed by the vested interests.
TOP pririty is to first immediately frame the ideological frame work on which the party intends to work. this will clear the lobbies.
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