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Dear Ganesan,

Thank you for your reply.

I had almost given up on coming to this forum, but while going through my old unread emails today, I found an intimation of your response. I couldn't resist replying.

[The reason behind my diminished attendance ? Nowadays, whenever I stop by this joint, it seems marooned in forumosphere. Is anybody taking care of this place ? Is this board going anywhere ? Most importantly, is anyone listening ? I have no idea.]

Thank you for the good kind words you've penned for me. And with God's blessings, I'm happy to assure you haven't been too off the mark about me. In quite the recent years, God, and my Gurus, Swami Vivekananda and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose have blessed me with the qualities you've so wished in me. It's nothing about my worth though; it's purely their grace.

Thank you also for your high expectations of me. I'll try my best to fulfil them. I pray to God for success. And I'm sure your best wishes will help too.

I'd like to share a few thoughts on your observations, though. Some of them are just calling out to me.

1. Thanks for all the kind words you've had for me. I know I'm not worthy of them, though I'd like to have been. Please don't judge anyone as good necessarily based on what they say (in this case I'm referring to me). We have too many glib talkers in politics, who are the worst scoundrels. And many good do-ers can't talk, and when they do, they may do a bad job of it.
I know to read people well enough to figure out you're not one of their kind.

This is not to say I've done something wrong. Not doing any wrong by itself is not good enough for someone to be assessed as good. All I'm saying is you don't know me enough to judge me yet. So, please don't. (Please read my assessments of you, particularly my choice of words, though I'm very impressed by what you say.)
I repeat what I said above - I can make out you're not one of their kind. However far I may be, I can sniff your heart. For I hear it beating as clearly as I do my own.

And thank you once again for your appreciation.

3. I respect Subhash Bose as well as Gandhi, but would tend to follow Gandhi (to the best of my ability) than Bose, based on my personality. Both were great leaders in my world view.
I know I have to let you have your way - but I'd have been so much happier had it been the other way. For I know - AND TRUST ME I KNOW - that the name I'm so against is one of the biggest treachers and traitors in history, let alone his other escapades I've often spoken about.

I'm a disciple of Swami Vivekananda, and such a person knows not hate. Yet, you hear that very word, when I speak of a particular man. There surely must be a reason - a very, very big reason.

I'm a man of physics, and do not accept any data unless and until I've checked and rechecked it multiple times. I don't shoot my mouth in the air. I weigh my words before I let them out.

And along with that, I belong to a section of society that HAS access to information. And therefore, I'm not saying anything without having concrete evidence in hand.

....My suggestion is that you should stop straight-jacketing yourself into too narrow dogmas and beliefs, which may not be a great idea (e.g., "Gandhi was bad, Bose was good")...
Dear Ganesan, as I said, I'm a disciple of Swami Vivekananda, and therefore I'm the last person on earth to be limited by any dogma, doctrine or belief. Nay - maybe not even the last - none, in fact.

I only know to be free, for I know I'm infinite.
Learn to feel yourself in other bodies, to know that we are all one. Throw all other nonsense to the winds. Spit out your actions, good or bad, and never think of them again. What is done is done. Throw off superstition. Have no weakness even in the face of death. Be free.

- Swami Vivekananda.
Therefore, no question arises of "straight-jacketing" myself.

.....No one knows the ultimate truth, and no one may perhaps ever know. But surely, you should pursue your life based on your world view, but keeping your mind open.
Swami Vivekananda has blessed me with the knowledge of the Universe. I see the 'atman' blending into the 'brahman', each and every second of my life, and even less. Yes - the ULTIMATE TRUTH is before me.

The Ultimate Truth is with me even in the context of which you've spoken about it. As I said, I HAVE access to information. I know it - and IN GREAT DETAIL.

Yes, you're right, I'll have to pursue my life based on my world view. And that is why I take great care to ensure that my world view is as correct and up-to-date as I can make it, and based on scientific principles. For I'm keenly aware that my life is not an island; it is going to affect those of a number of people around me.

My mind is always open. And it IS EXACTLY BECAUSE OF THIS OPENNESS that I've been able to reach my conclusion on Gandhi. It is EXACTLY because of this openness that I've been able to see through the farce that was brought into our country in the name of Independence.

Never doubt my rationality for a second.

4. There are many things that Anna has said and done I don't agree with, but I know he had no perverse intentions like most politicians, and his broad direction is right, which is why I follow him...
I too don't agree with something that Anna has done - in his entire movement, he never even for once uttered the name of Subhas Chandra Bose, though he did speak of many other freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. Why ?

This has terribly hurt me.

In spite of being victimised several times by the Gandhi-1, Subhash Bose never spoke out against the man, and always referred to him with respect. He even named a Brigade in his INA (Azad Hind Fauz) after him.

Following my guru, I too never said anything about Anna Hazare, the second Gandhi, in spite of noticing clearly the omission of Subhash Chandra Bose from his words.

But it made something starkly clear to me - the movement was going to fail. And it did. Am I surprised ? Not the least bit.

But yes, you're right too - his broad direction is right, and his intentions look good, and maybe that too is one reason I keep track of him.

5. I'm realistic about one thing. People may not always support the good and right thinking leaders, and may more often follow the evil mis-leaders, out of ignorance. It's easier for evil to win than good. So, a leader desiring to be successful also needs to think strategically the right things on how to win this unequal and unfair fight.
Funnily, you're reminding me of Subhash and Gandhi...

6. It's a marathon, not a 100 m dash. In fact, there's no end to this mega-serial.
Yep, you're is a process that'll stretch far into the future...

If there's a way I can help you, and support you, do let me know, with details. I'll try my best. But I should have reasonable faith in your chance of success for reasons I've mentioned above.
Thank you for the encouragement. I'm deeply touched and immensely honoured that you consider me worthy of your support. It is a great memento of inspiration.

If I ever pick up the Standard, I promise I'll not let you down.

I am almost sure I'm going to do something for my nation, but I'm not sure at this time whether it'll be through politics or something else.

But whatever I do, I'll try 'n make a strong contribution to our nation.

Thank you once again.

Best Wishes,


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