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i shall differ from the country perspective. He may be honest and a responsible man to his party but certainly not to the country. My dear friend this man is such a loyalist of congress that in 1983 under the leadership of his then master indira gandhi when he was the Finance Minister.. he produced the budget to the nation which suited the closed regime ...and now at the instruction of his new master ..he produced a so to say "open budget " that too screwing the Indian economy to such a level that every body nationally and internationally is shouting on the state of economy and for this loyalist of the Gandhi clan the rating agencies , the international economist, the industrialist etc are not judging the economy rightly !!!!!!! what on the earth makes him feel so ..... is he blind to see the suffering of the people.... or is he so loyal in the bhakti of his masters that he prefer to close eyes to the genuine voices in the industry....

He was for the matter a very good Politician ... a very good troubleshooter of congress.. I have no doubts on that and I must salute him for that quality. He certainly deserves appreciation there .

But my friend , we are talking on the forum of a very just website and Nation is first here... and when i view his contribution to the Nation ... its BIG ZERO !!! i may sound to be a pessimist it so... See how many times he got elected in his total political career, check on his major achievements FOR THE COUNTRY by way of his work for all the 40 years he stayed in active politics "through backdoor". President position is now a reward by the congress to its loyalists... these are now positions for further constitutional use of political gains ..... when such learned people with no contribution to the country are heading to such a prestigious position, I wonder where we are sailing this great country to....
Hi Rajesh,

You Said right thing they are honest to their party only. If they are honest with their people they they will get nice opportunity.But ministers are minister we cannot do any thing to them.
We must make an anti corruption act against such kind of ministers.
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