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Hey ram to Good by -A journey of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi was assisnated in 1948 after a long freedom movement and his self claimed political pedigree gave him the status of Father Of Nation . All these leaders put the photograph of Gandhi in their offices and statue in every corner of roads to show Bapu how honestly they are serving to that nation for which Bapu and other freedom fighter sacrifice their lives.Gandhi jee charkha, round-rimmed glasses and a pinch of blood stained soil were auctioned just in few thousands ponds in London on 17th April 2012 but this event did not bother to any of our great politician especially to those who associate their name with Gandhi because the glasses of Gandhi can see honesty only ,charkha can not be of any use for rich politician and soil with blood is of no importance in country because our politician does not want to see more of Bhagat Singh ,chandrasheher azad, sukhdev ,subash Chandra Bose.......... Can we the citizen of India generate few laks of rupees to donate our honest but poor prime minister with a request to bring these valuables back to India to save our pride or say good by to Bapu
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