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: Aug 2011
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Jai Bharat

Even a blind can see that this government is not keen to tackle corruption, leave alone eradicating it that Anna has been asking for.
By the way did anyone get to know why Sonia Gandhi had gone to US and what ailment did she suffer from? Is it not a mystery that when there was so much hue and cry over black money, she quietly slipped out of India? Government can go after Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal but certainly after her and would not take any step to clean its own Augean Stable.
Respected Sinhaji, whatever you have viewed here seem to be 100% correct and just see a coincidence that the moment one talks about
Corrupt People,
Mis Management of Bhartiya Resources,
Ill Administration in Governance, etc. etc.

Some specific referances automatically comes into discussion.

Therefore, I request all my BHARTIYA friends that let's be a part of all goodness for BHARAT MAHAN.

Even Annaji said that Whatever and Whichever is Good that should be called Good and vice-versa.

Jai Bharat

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