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: Aug 2011
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Just as "Vishwamitra" of Ramayan Kal picked Ram and Lakshman, with the permission of their father Dashrath and Guru Vashshit, and trained them and prepared them to fight against demons of Ravan, I don't see anything wrong if Shri Anna and his prominent core team Members like Mr. Kejriwal, Mr. Pashant Bhushan, Ms. Kiran Bedi, Mr. Sasodia and a few others, may act as today's Vishwamitra and pick good people of dedication, ethics and good characters from the society and prepare them to fight against the demons of the country and lead the country towards peace and prosperity. In Kalyug, we have an example of Chanakya who picked and trained Chandragupta to crush corrupt Nand Vansh and lead India towards the path of prosperity.
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