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NetaJi Subhas Chandra Bose stressed complete freedom for India at the earliest, whereas most of the Congress Committee wanted it in phases, through a Dominion status. Even though both of them had differing ideologies, Gandhi Ji called NetaJi as the "Prince among the Patriots" in 1942. NetaJi admired Gandhi Ji, recognising his importance as a symbol of Indian Nationalism; he called him "The Father of Our Nation" in a radio broadcast from Rangoon in 1944, in which he stated that "I am convinced that if we do desire freedom we must be prepared to wade through blood", a statement somewhat at odds with Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence.
But that is the truth ........... we get nothing without sacrifice ......
and .... NetaJi advocated the importance of sacrifice ....
he was a True Partiot a Great Son of Mother India
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