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When a person like Summit can not recognise Narendra Modi then he and his likes will not find any Bose at any place.

And yes, Vinay....Remember....One Swallow doesn't make a Summer...One Good Stint at office is never enough to prove anyone Great, let alone Narendra Modi....

Don't make me feel wrong that I had called you my brother....for otherwise you'll only prove what I alternately held....that you're a Party-Paid Sycophant who's come into this forum only to serve their vested interests. Please don't do that.

I thought we were over with the issue, but I see you bringing it up all over again.

Anyways. About the Other things I need to tell and ask You.


Bose isn't just my Leader; HE'S the dedication of my life.

Bose has been in my blood not for a year or two, but ever since I can remember. Right from my Birth. Nay, Even Before.

How could you Compare Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose with Narendra Modi ?
Or, for that matter, Any Other Politician ?

How could you Draw Netaji
into our differences on Narendra Modi ?

Or on What Sense did you draw our Disputes on Narendra Modi into this Thread ?

Do you feel this was worthy of the Honour and Respect of Netaji ?

You Tell Me.

If you're really Looking to Settle Scores with Me on the Narendra Modi Issue, Create a Separate Thread and Go At Me All Guns. I'm Ready to Face all your Bullets.

But by any means, do not draw Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose into all this. Nor draw our differences and disputes on Narendra Modi, or whatsoever Politician, into this thread.

By bringing in our Petty Bickerings to the Temple of Bose, we're doing nothing but insulting the Greatest Leader of People India has ever produced.
Lets NOT do that. He has nothing to do with any of those, so lets keep him away from them all.

I Repeat : If you need to Converse one-to-one with me on the Narendra Modi or any other Issue, Please Create a Separate Thread. I'll be happy to discuss all matters with you there, within my bounds of time and taste.

And if the Exchange of Dialogue will Involve Mutual Vilification, lets find an Altogether Different Forum for ourselves. For the Forum Outside this Thread is Still the Holy Temple of the Anti-Corruption Campaign of Anna Hazare, and I wouldn't find it Proper to Engage in a Barter of Slander there as well.

So, lets keep our Personal Niggles Outside of this Thread, and Outside of this Forum.




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