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Yep summit i knw d above fact,infact Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel,was much more efficient in compare 2 many other congressmen,including Nehruji.Regarding Sardar Patel,best known as an'Iron Man'would like 2 tell u,dat he was d one,who was able 2 took sign on d treaty 4m Nizam of Hyderabad & the then ruler of the Kashmir,when the problem arose regarding d partition of India,& both of d nizam & the ruler signed d treaty dat their concerning states want 2 remain wid India,even after d partition.

Great Roop ! I'm impressed with your knowledge and understanding of our history...

That brings me to our next ideation. You must've already read my Post -
Was the Indian Independence Movement MORE INDIAN than GANDHIAN ?
If not, I'm dying to ask you go read it - but at the same time, I must let you know, it's a somewhat big one, and you might want to read it when you have enough time, and Patience... .... !!!


You'll realise the Quit India Movement that we so credit with achieving Independence wasn't really so the one after all, and the Major Reason we won Freedom was Subhash Bose's Azad Hind Fauz. The Quit India Movement was certainly important, because of the National Fervour it raised against the British. But it certainly wasn't enough - National Fervour had been heightened many times right from 1857 with innumerable Revolts, Uprisings and Movements, but none had been successful in grabbing the star of our dreams - Independence. It was the Azad Hind Fauz that finally did it, breaking through the British Morale and sending one Cold Chill after another Down their Spine. Till then, Britain was a mighty Empire in which the Sun never Set for nearly 300 years; after Azad Hind, it Disappeared from the Face of the Earth in a mere Span of 20 years. That is the Effect !

("De di hamein Azaadi Bina Khadag Bina Dhaal, Sabarmati ke Sant toone Kar Diya Kamaal" - was this really so true after all ?)


But Alas - India has forgotten the very Leader that brought her Independence - some due to the lack of knowledge, some being so lost in themselves that they don't care. The situation has come to such an extent that Netaji's name and the Azad Hind Fauz have been relegated to a miniscule in the posterior of our school history books, almost as if they are worthy only of an Unimportant, Passing Glance.

We've forgotten the Naval Revolt (Nau Vidroh) that happened right on the Footsteps of the Azad Hind. THAT was what broke the Nerves of the British. But open any school History textbook, and you'll find it diminished to only a few lines at the end. Our dear Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, had even gone as far as to say, that it was a Rebellion by the Navymen to "Increase their Own Salaries". Such a Shame !

And then when you look around yourself, you find all Major Government Institutions, Plans, Funds, Infrastructure and What Not - carrying the Names of Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi. Where did Netaji Evaporate ? Where did Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Chandrashekhar Azad, and millions of our other Freedom Fighters Evaporate ?

Shame of all, when the Mukherjee Commission Report on the disappearance of Netaji was tabled in the Parliament, the Government dismissed it WITHOUT CITING A SINGLE REASON. On being questioned, the government under Manmohan Singh put forward this Reply - "We have no information that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose had any Role in the achievement of the Indian Independence." Seen that Audacity ? Vulgar, isn't it ? These are the MEN OF STRAW that Winston Churchill had talked about.

On the eve of the First Independence Day Parade, Netaji's Photo was brought in the Last Tableau, and in a Rather Uncared-for way. In the 65 Years of our Democracy, the Indian Government has insulted Netaji on every occasion and in every way possible, on one Pretext or the other. And we Indians, have always kept mum. We've Never Protested.


How can that happen, when we've been so ungrateful to the Leader who brought us our Independence ? We might think anything we want of ourselves - but the Truth is, God is there - and he'll never tolerate injustice. He WILL make us answer for our Thanklessness. Our Weak Intention to Honour and Celebrate our Greatest Leader is now Coming Back at us, showing up Within Ourselves as a Weak Intention to Fight Corruption. We've been Afraid of our Lives to Speak up in Favour of Bose, we're now Finding ourselves Afraid to Speak out against Corruption. We can Never Avoid it - Destiny Always Brings Everything Back in a Circle. There's no way we can escape - We WILL now have to answer for our misdeeds, our sin - our Thanklessness. Ingratitude will take its toll.

'Swarg Bhi Yaheen Hai, Narak Bhi Yaheen; Apne Karmon Ka Hisaab Hamein Yaheen Par Dekar Jaana Hoga...'

Years ago, Bose had said - 'Give me Blood, I'll Give You Freedom'. He had repeatedly made clear to his Japanese allies - "Once we enter India, the Indians will lead the fight. You will not. If Indians today want to build a great nation, then they'll have to wash the feet of their Motherland with their own blood." But, we probably didn't give enough. At least not for our Leader. Today, every moment that passes, I get more and more worried about our Second Freedom Struggle becoming a bloodbath. Concern always strikes deep that some time or the other, fenders of corruption will try to incite violence. Many more of us may have to shed our blood. Like Shaheed Shehla Masood - she has responded to the call of her Great Leader, and paid him her highest homage. I don't know how many more of us will have to, too.

"The Ghost of Caesar is Mightier Than Caesar Himself. Brutus will Not Escape."


We all want India to be a Great Nation, but Greatness has its Price. And Weak Intentions can never pay enough for it. They just don't measure up in Value.

If we Desire our Peaks, Destiny will demand its Price. Father Time is Kaal, Destiny his sister - Kali, who's always just and fair. TILL THE DAY WE DO NOT GIVE OUR TRUE LEADER THE PLACE HE DESERVES, OUR MOTHER DESTINY - MAA KALI - WILL NOT LET US HAVE OURS EITHER. CHECK IT OUT ANYDAY AND SEE.

"Yaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Shakti Roopena Samasthitaa
Namastaswayh Namastaswayh Namastaswayh Namoh Namaha

Let me know how you feel.



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