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: Sep 2011
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Adjudicability of political manifestos.

Policies, programmes and promises of manifestoes mobilise public opinion in favour and against political parties and their candidates. These are the very basis of sovereign will. Yet they are conviniently forgotten. The role of election commission is limited to examining their consonence with constition merely. There is a need to examine the implementability ideally in a time bound manner and relevence of priorities. There should be a multidisciplinary citizens council of experts to do this. The same council can also examine the background of individual candidates and opine on their competence as an additional check on political parties on selection of right candidates, monitor and constantly educate people on how political parties and elected representatives are performing inside and outside elected bodies with reference to short term and long term doables. If they are found wanting, any citizen should be able to seek judicial remedy on the basis of 3 Ps of manifestoes. If the law of the country protects consumers from unkept promises of mundane consumer product, how can political manifestos remain unjudicale. In a practical sense voter is like a consumer. He or she cannot be cheated by anyone to get votes, which is the basis of legitimacy of all acts of elected bodies, representatives and executive wing of state.
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