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Application Development Framework | I3ITPEOPLE Coimbatore | Best Software Development services

Application Development Framework
I3ITPEOPLE have experienced professionals in .Net Framework 3.5 who provide the right solutions at the right time. Our team of Microsoft .Net certified developers provide the best optimum solutions using the Microsoft .Net Frameworks.

A web application framework is a software framework that is designed to support the development of dynamic websites, Web applications and Web services. The framework aims to alleviate the overhead associated with common activities used in Web development. For example, many frameworks provide libraries for database access, templating frameworks and session management, and often promote code reuse.

Distributed Applications are often large, complex systems with multi-tiered architectures, comprising thousands of globally deployed components. These applications are expected to deliver a wide variety of solutions to address different kinds of customer and business needs. Before .NET, Windows DNA was the platform of choice for developing scalable and extensible applications in the Windows platform. With the arrival of .NET, things have not changed much in terms of the application design and reusable application framework.

One of the real strengths of .NET is its ability to allow application architects to enforce application architecture and provide architectural guidance using enterprise templates. By using Enterprise Templates, you can provide development teams with a starting point that is a lot more sophisticated than an empty solution, while reducing the number of decisions and complexity of choices that the developers must make. Moreover since most of the distributed applications are very similar in nature (in terms of application architecture, operational management and so on), a custom distributed application template of this kind will be very useful and can be used as the starting point while building new applications.

ASP.NET web application framework is executed through 3 attributes: Model, View, Controller

· Model includes the state of a specific attributes of an application such as, data access, validation rules, and aggregation logic.
· A View encapsulates the necessary information of the application and renders an user interface for displaying

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