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: Sep 2011
: Thane
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Inclusion of Lower Judiciary in Lokpal bill

I am victimised due to corruption in the Judiciary. I believe that inclusion of lower judiciary in the lokpal bill will serve as a detterrent to root out corruption from the country. As the common man is more exposed to the poor administrative functioning of the government departments. Even after getting information under RTI Act it is becoming really difficult to expose corrupt practices without judicial judgement. Also with majority of the people who are unaware about law processes often get cheated by lawyers who practice and wait for clients ouitside the court premises. They charge exhorbitant fees from poor people which is again corruption because they are very well aware that these poor people know nothing about law and whom to complain when cheated. I do not trust the government about passing aseparate bill to bring accountability in the judiciary. As they are delaying very certain and common issues in passing the lokpal bill.
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