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: Aug 2011
: Hyderabad
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Dear Indians ,
Reservation is an obsolete concept .
But because of vote bank politics ,our government will never pass a bill against it .
So ,lets make the government pass a bill ,that entitles the general category students to avail a no interest ,long term loan to all general category students to study the same courses in which they were denied admission elsewhere in other countries like usa,canada,australia,uk ,japan etc .
That would be a real equaliser .
Education is our basic right ,So is right to livelihood .

I am a doctor from the most elite institute of medical sciences,delhi.
And i am a NRI now ,Non Required Indian ,in the presence of present quota system,our country does not require sincere doctors ,researchers etc .
So I implore upon my fellow young indians to threaten the government by
If u read Mahatma Gandhi's "my experiments with truth ",
you will foresee what i am trying to do .

Its a non -violent means of protest where we all get together ,contribute funds for this cause ,make a strong organisation which has following objectives--

1 helps general category meritorious students settle abroad .
2.protests by boycotting government services .
3.only choosing mp/mla who are anti -reservation.
4.form a new e government system comprising best brains of india,intellectuals .
5.If all our efforts failed ,we shall all migrate to a new no man's land ,but with our power of numbers ,brains,determination.
LET US FORM A NEW COUNTRY of intellectuals which is away from india and thus retain our identity .If u want a concrete change -

Contact Me
Good luck...
Start it... Wanna see a society with NO DISCRIMINATIONS... Leave this country ASAP...

Aal izz well...
"Where can we go to find God if we cannot see Him in our own hearts and in every living being."

- Swami Vivekananda
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