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Anna ji jo kr rhe hai n jaise kr rhe hai shayad unhe zada achha tarika malum hai n unhone maharashtra me apne isi tarike se hi jeet haasil ki thi na ki election ladke. agr anna ji election ki baat karenge to unhe mil rha support khatm ho jayega kyoki aam aadmi ko aaj sbse zada nafrat politics se hai.gandhi ji ne bhi freedom ke liye koi election nahi lada tha ye hume yaad rakhna chahiye JAI HIND

Dear ss6471,

First........Congratulations to you on Our Victory in the First Round!

Ab, Kuchh Baatein
on what you said.

First, if we want freedom from corruption, then we have to shed our negative view of politics, and see it in a positive light. Politics is no rocket-science, rather it is a very fundamental part of our lives, because it IS SIMPLY THE FORCE THAT RUNS OUR EVERYDAY LIVES. We talk a lot about changing our lives - but, do you, and we, realize that doing so would mean to first be able to CONTROL THE FORCES THAT CONTROL OUR LIVES. There are two kinds of forces in our lives - INTERNAL and EXTERNAL. The INTERNAL ones we can control by control over ourselves; however by NO MEANS DOES IT MEAN THAT IT IS EASY. IN FACT, IT IS MORE DIFFICULT THAN CONTROLLING THE EXTERNAL FORCES, which is the second point I'm going to come to.

A lot of the EXTERNAL FORCES arise as a result of our Internal Forces, or more correctly, the expression of our Internal Forces. The more disciplined our internal forces are, the Greater the Chances that the external forces are too. For example, if there are five people in a room, the more of that five that can stay disciplined, the more the atmosphere in that room stays disciplined. When that 5 TURNS into 125-CRORES, the more that stay disciplined, the more INDIA stays disciplined. Translated, that means - a LESS CORRUPT India.

When we say we don't want to ENTER POLITICS, we actually say we don't want to CONTROL THE EXTERNAL FORCES that control us. Since EXTERNAL FORCES arise directly from INTERNAL FORCES, we're really saying we don't want to CONTROL THE INTERNAL FORCES. Translated, it means -WE DON'T WANT TO CONTROL OURSELVES.

The Politics around us is basically a reflection of who we are, what we are. By stressing that POLITICS IS BAD - we're saying - WE ARE BAD.


And the major weapon to bring in Change in ourselves is - EDUCATION. The lack of that alone is the cause of more than 95% of the Political Chaos that you see in the country.

For Evidence, just look at the Educational Levels of many of our Members of Parliament and State Assemblies. Many of them possess Educational Levels that are less than many of the Clerks in our Government offices. Some of them have had only Four or Five Years of schooling. Contrast this with many Rickshaw-Pullers, Street-side Vendors and Vegetable Sellers I've met who possess University Masters' Degrees.

And that exactly is the reason why you see so much confusion in our Ruling Systems today. Maybe you still remember the scenes of mayhem in our Assemblies - Members raining blows on each other and throwing mikes, breaking chairs, tables and furniture, leaving many injured and bleeding.

BUT YES, I can understand your apprehension. A lot of people in our country are disinterested in joining politics because of WHAT THEY SEE ABOUT IT - namely, ask businessmen for funds, go soliciting for votes, quabble with your party members, point fingers at the opposition, rig polls, cause election violence, call up unreasonable bandhs, strikes, dharnas, indulge in corruption, and commit other acts so unworthy of Leaders of a Nation. But almost all of that happens because of that one basic criterion - LACK OF EDUCATION.

I'd like to make a little Clarification here - when I speak of EDUCATION, I mean EDUCATION not only in theory, but also the LEARNING, CAPACITY and the MOTIVE to PUT THAT EDUCATION INTO PRACTICE. And apart from that there is also another kind of Education you need - THE EDUCATION OF BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT. The First kind of Education teaches you the Facts of the World, and how to Creatively Use those Facts in your Career for the Development of the Country, World and Economy, and the Second kind teaches you the Values of Honesty, Integrity, Character, Humanity, Love, Selflessness, Sacrifice, Justice and Social Service.

Coming back to our discourse, I therefore question the decision NOT TO ENTER POLITICS. The way to bring CLEANLINESS in our POLITICAL SYSTEMS is not to AVOID POLITICS, but to RATHER EDUCATE YOURSELF IN THEORY, PRACTICE, BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT, and then to Enter Politics with a TRAINED PERSONALITY and a HONEST CHARACTER, and to Work Selflessly for the development of the Nation, Society and the World.

But sadly, we lack this kind of Politics in our country, and also in a majority of the World, and therefore the impression on us that POLITICS IS BAD. True, I agree, Politics IS Bad, but what are WE doing to make it BETTER ? If you do what I said here, and many others do too, then we can have many more HONEST, EDUCATED, TRAINED, CAPABLE and EFFICIENT people join Politics, and a Society and Polity that works better - much, much better.

In my message I did not ask Annaji to join Politics, because he is at a level that is much higher than Politics. What I asked was the SUPPORTERS (please read my original message carefully) of Annaji, like you and me, or maybe personalities more trained and knowledgeable, like Retired Supreme or High Court Judges, Ex-IAS, Ex-IPS, Ex-IFS or other Ex-Administrative Officers and the like, and others, sympathetic to Anna Hazare's and the Nation's Cause, run for Elections. That would help us ensure we're able to vote for People who actually Intend to fulfil their Election Promises, and Not for those who only Intend to get our Votes and then Forget us.

Hope I've been able to make my stand clear. Hope this helps others too.

Thank you,

Jai Hind.


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