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: Aug 2011
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now, the only way out of this muddle

yes that is exactly the reason why the UPA or Mayawati or even BJP are never going to let anna's lokpal become a realtiy. they cant send themselves to jail. the only way out is that anna creates a political party, takes in all the clean people like academicians, social activists, students and intellectuals into that party who has one primary agaenda-CLEAN INDIA- no corruption.
and m not saying this coz mayawati challenged anna today. she is the most corrupt politician ever born on this earth. so she should go to hell. we promise anna that we will vote for the parliament, give his party the power to let this bill pass and live in peace.
in the current scenario, anna's movement has opened our eyes and we can see politicians (read dogs, esp the rahuls and sonias and sibals and chidambarmas and khurshids and mayawatis) in their real colours, the snakes that they are.
power is the only way out. we wil give you power. give us a clean india.
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