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Dear Omni & kohlinidhi8-at-gmail-dot-com,

I absolutely agree with you.

In fact, I wish to add a little further clarification here, that what I was suggesting was IN ADDITION to what is already going on now, and NOT IN SUBSTITUTION.

We simply can't afford to let the movement stop now, after all that has been achieved.

What I presented was simply a suggestion that we could keep in mind, in case the govt. continued to be inflexible to the mass demand, and insensitive to Anna's health. If that came to, these could be certain procedures that we could adopt to -

a) Either increase the pressure on the government,
b) Or, to materialise and solidify the movement in case the government and political parties try to delay and stretch the process beyond medically allowable limits, trying to test Anna's vigour to Fast.

And truly, Anna's health is now the biggest barometer to decide the course of the movement from here on. And I believe the entire nation is keeping a concerned and watchful eye on that.

I too believe that Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi should be left at the head of the entire movement, and have no wish to contest that, simply because I have no ability.

I pray situations never come to the pass I apprehend here, and Victory to Anna comes soon.

Thank you for enriching the discussion and helping me explain my position.

Victory to Anna. Happy Long Life to Anna.

Jai Hind.

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