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Great thoughts!

Sant jee,

If you permit, I have a somewhat big...and probably somewhat controversial... suggestion to continue the movement...

I won't eat up much of your space I provide the link to it...I've written it just a while back...

Here it is - Lokpal can CERTAINLY be passed within 2+1/2 Years.

Let me know how you found it to be.



Dear Summit,
I second your thoughts. What you have put down is quite comprehensive in scope and needs to be addressed very methodically. Its a great idea to use this movement as the seed to a clean future government.

However, I think lets live in the present moment and see what steps we can take to make sure Anna's vow doesnt go in vain. So far people have come out on the streets, picketed their MPs residences, protested on trains and even courted arrest. More and more of this is getting covered by the media, so its working to the nation's benefit. We are getting the Government to see that a man without any political links can inspire confidence in all of us. We are getting the Government to see that even if all parties put together dont want the Jan Lokpal, the people of this nation do. I think we should take advantage of the catharsis which is unfolding and turn up the volume on it. Make the Govt. concede, its not impossible to do that, we're doing it together already...Wishing you Godspeed!
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