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Though a lot of the points you make are very Good, there are still a few things we need to consider, and consider well.

AUTHOR'S QUOTE - "So personally I am not very enthusiastic in creating or trusting a parallel body to smear my face in a world forum by calling my country’s prime minister corrupt. I have great respect for the chair.....

RESPONSE - This is the problem with Abstractions. The Government uses an ABSTRACTION called "the Respect of the Parliament" and the "Respect of the Chair" and many others to shield itself from many MISCONDUCTS that it has committed in REALITY. They sell these concepts to us, and we Indians buy it, without considering whether the Price we are paying for such Purchases is Justified or Not. We have to stop buying into abstractions, or even if we do, we need to do so after careful consideration OF THE IMPACT OF SUCH ABSTRACTIONS ON REALITY. At this time, as I see it, we simply don't do that.

AUTHOR'S QUOTE - "While Gandhi’s protest had followers who wanted to remove the ruling government and create a independent ruling body with new ideologies for the country, Anna has a support from people who have themselves chosen the current government or will choose an alternate government from the same system......"

RESPONSE - The People who have chosen this government have done so out of DESPERATION, not out of CHOICE. That is why I support the "RIGHT OF REJECTION" and the "RIGHT OF RECALL" that Anna and his Team Propose to fight for after the Jan Lokpal Bill. The RIGHT OF REJECTION will allow you to completely Reject ALL CANDIDATES IN AN ELECTION IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH ANY OF THEM. Then you WILL NOT BE FORCED T CHOOSE FROM THE CROP OF CANDIDATES PROVIDED, as you have to do now. The RIGHT OF RECALL will allow you to call back Candidates if you find them not able to fulfil the aspirations of the People that they were elected with.

I am with Anna. And that is because though I know that this might not be the perfect solution, but this is still a step in the Right Direction. If amendments are needed, we can get them done as we move ahead.

(This is the same reply I posted on the website page (Why I don't support Anna Hazare) where the "Read More" Link at the end of the Article here leads to.)